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Samsun, February-2020

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Year : 2020   Volume : 12  Issue : 1
Ahmet Akşar
1- Cassius Dio and the Sources of About Hadrian Reign

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.817
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Bilal Altan
2- The Goyan Tribe in Terms of Structure, Problems and Relations With The British in The Last Term of The Ottoman State

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.818
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Ayşegül Bekmez
3- A New Evaluation Through Kırşehir Melik Gazi Tomb

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.820
  Abstract   Detail
Mustafa Can
4- Ambassador Exchange in the Ottoman State

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.821
  Abstract   Detail
Abdullah Cengiz
5- Jerusalem High School (1890-1913)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.822
  Abstract   Detail
Süleyman Cevat Çevrimli - Hasan Şehmuz Haştemoğlu
6- Traditional Ottoman Bazaars, Isparta Üzüm Pazarı

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.823
  Abstract   Detail
Harun Çoban
7- Bitlis Governor Hasan Tahsin Pasha and Armenian Events (1891-1895)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.824
  Abstract   Detail
Alev Duran
8- Turkey-Hungary Relations in During The Second World War

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.825
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Seyfettin Kaya
9- Development of Usturlab in The Medieval Islamic World

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.826
  Abstract   Detail
Nil Orbeyi
10- A Component of The Surrounding Wall in Mimar Sinan Structures: Door

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.827
  Abstract   Detail
Yunus Özger
11- The Discussions on Prediction of Earthquakes in Istanbul in The Hamidian Era and The Report Sent to The Sultan by Josef Nowack

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.828
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Ü. Gülsüm Polat
12- News From The Front: Edmund Candler and Mesopotamia Campaign (1916-1918)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.829
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Ömer Tokuş
13- Activities of Djarrahids, Hesitant Allies of the Fatimids, in Palestine and Its Surroundings

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.830
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Harun Tuncer
14- A life between loyalty and betrayal: Sir James William Redhouse

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.831
  Abstract   Detail
Murat Tural
15- The Religious Transformation of the Germanic Peoples

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.832
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Hasan Uçar
16- Three Ottoman Fountains in Izmir Kokluca Village

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.833
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Sevket Akyıldız
17- Orta Asya'da Kültürel Değişim: Brezhnev, Modern Sporlar ve Özbekistan'da Anılar, 1964-1982

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.819
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