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Ankara, February-2018

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Year : 2018   Volume : 10  Issue : 1
Zeynep İnan Aliyazıcıoğlu
1- The Activities of Norman Chiefs in Asia Minor at 11th Century

DOI Number: 0.9737/hist.2018.567
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Erhan Alpaslan-Ahmet Gülenç
2- Implementing of Kur'a -yı Şer'iyye Method of Dated 1846 in Maraş and Its Surroundings

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2018.568
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Resul Babaoğlu
3- The General Situation of Turkey's East Provinces in 1956 by An English Diplomat’s Observations

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2018.569
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Murat Burgaç
4- Gediz Attack And Its Consequences

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2018.570
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Uğur Demlikoğlu
5- Socio Economic Situation of Siirt in the 16th Century

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2018.571
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Cüneyt Güneş
6- First Encountering Areas of the Byzantine-Islamic Forces According to the Byzantine Tacticons in Xth Century: Kleisouras and On Military Tactics in the Kleisouras

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2018.572
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Ahmet Nalcı - Doğan Gün
7- The Problem of Finance in the Educational System of the Ottoman State in Modernization Efforts: The Example of Malatya Rüşdiyesi

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2018.573
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Said Olgun
8- Bayram Fehmi Bey/Bajo Topulli (1867-1930): From Teaching to Banditry, From Banditry to District Governorate, the Extraordinary Life Story Of an Albanian Nationalist

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2018.574
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Tuncay Öğün
9- The Plight of War Reflected in Ottoman Humor and Caricature: Famine, Black Market and Profiteering in Istanbul During The World War I

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2018.575
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Ahmet Nurullah Özdal
10- Caspian Sea Trade Basin (9th to 13rd Centuries)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2018.576
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Muharrem Öztel
11- Factors Breeding Counterfeiters and Counterfeit Money in the Ottoman Markets (1808-1914)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2018.577
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Serdar Cem Sediroğlu
12- As The Agency of Psychological Warfare, The Journal of “Harb Mecmû’ası”-War Journal During The Years of World War I

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2018.578
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Gürsoy Şahin
13- The Berlin Conference (1884-1885) in the Period of Africa’s Being Colonilized and Its Reflections on Africa’s Media

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2018.579
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Aziz Tekdemir
14- Establishment and Activities of Ziraat Bankası (Agricultural Bank) in Bulgaria

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2018.580
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