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Ankara, September-2017

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Year : 2017   Volume : 9  Issue : 3
Mustafa Alican
1- Some Reflections of Kösedağ Defeat in Arabic Sources

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.537
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Mehmet Aydın
2- According to archieve documents, some developments in agriculture, industry and trade sectors during the period of Atatürk (1923-1938)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.538
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Abdullah Şevki Duymaz
3- Şarampol / Osmaniye Mosque in Antalya

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.539
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Ayşe Eryaman
4- 1908 General Elections in the Province of Thessaloniki

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.540
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Jean-Philippe Gunn
5- The Ewe in West Africa: One Cultural People in Two Different Countries (Togo/Ghana) 1884-1960

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.541
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Yiğit Anıl Güzelipek
6- In Party Opposition of Democrat Party and Turning Points: A Historical Analyse

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.542
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Cafer Tayyar Karadağ- Barış Özdal
7- The Reparations Problem Between Germany and Israel

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.543
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Pelin İskender Kılıç
8- The Opinions of Mehmed Esad Safvet Pasha Regard�n Refugee Children and His Studies Related to It during His Office of Devair Inspection

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.544
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Salih Kış
9- The Army Commandership And Death Of Der Goltz Pasha The Marshall During The World War I

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.545
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Songül Keçeci Kurt
10- The Trade Issue of the Foreigners In Ottoman Empire (1838-1861)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.546
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