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Osman KÖSE 



Ankara, Jun-2017

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Year : 2017   Volume : 9  Issue : 2
Ahmet Özcan
1- A Portrait of a Bibliophile as a Historian

Doi Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.520
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Abdullah Mesut Ağır
2- Presbyter John Myth in the Medieval Travellers' Accounts and Its Bases in Asia and Africa

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.521
  Abstract   Detail
Mustafa Arslan- Esra Bulut
3- Borders of Ancient Cappadocia

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.522
  Abstract   Detail
Figen Atabey
4- General F.S. Maude’s Baghdad Campaign

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.523
  Abstract   Detail
Mehmet Demiryürek, H. İbrahim Cellaoğulları, Deniz Arıcı
5- A Study On The Cyprus Budget (Ruznâmçe) Dated H.994 (1586)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.524
  Abstract   Detail
Ahmet Dönmez
6- Correspondance System in Ottoman Permanent Embassies During the Restoration Period

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.525
  Abstract   Detail
Mehmet Evsile
7- The Discussions Made in Turkish Assembly About Democracy, Freedom and Development During The Budget Sessions In Democratic Political Patry Period

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.526
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Barış Gür
8- Olive Oil in Antiquity and Nowadays Olive Oil Museums

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.527
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Osman Köksal
9- A Humble and Resigned Anatolian Peasant’s Nukûd-Fountain Waqf Coeval with The Republic

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.528
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Yusuf Ötenkaya
10- The First Phases Of Abbasid Opposition Against Umayyads

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.529
  Abstract   Detail
İbrahim Şirin
11- The World Fairs and Ottoman Modernization

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.530
  Abstract   Detail
Funda Selçuk Şirin
12- Mr. Alex K. Helm's Eastern Anatolian and Black Sea Trip (1929)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.531
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Aziz Tekdemir
13- Formation of Cooperative Companies in Romania

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.532
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Ercan Verim-Oğulcan Avcı
14- A Church With Cross in Square Plan in Çeltikdere

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.533
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İdris Yücel
15- Establishment and Activities of the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem in the wake of the WWI

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.534
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Ahmet Yüksel
16- The Janissary Corps, Corruption And Espionage

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2017.535
  Abstract   Detail