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Samsun, June-2020

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Year : 2020   Volume : 12  Issue : 3
Ahmet Efiloğlu
1- The Deportation of the Ayvalık Greeks

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.851
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Ahmet Yılmaz / Ali Toraman
2- Some Examinations on The Tradition of Horsetail Tying and Cutting in Turkish Culture

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.852
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Ali Sönmez
3- Osman Hamdi Bey's Sayda Excavation And Its Impact On The Development of the Imperial Museum

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.853
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Burak Kocaoğlu
4- The Issue of Conversion of Children in the Ottoman State (1886-1914)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.854
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Çiğdem Dumanlı
5- Tractat of Freiherr Pflügl von Lissinetz: His manuscript “The Relations between Turkey and Austria after the Alliance between Russia and Austria” and the Partitioning of the Ottoman Empire (1768-1790)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.856
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Mustafa Edip Çelik
6- Turkish-British Relations According To British Resources

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.857
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Edip Durmaz
7- Kırklareli Industry (1927-1935)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.858
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Faruk Taşkın
8- American Board's Evangelization Project: Antep American Girls’ School (1859-1917)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.859
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Fatma Kaya Doğanay / Gülefer Akın
9- Educational Status in Rize (1923-1980)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.860
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Ferdi Uyanıker
10- Two Cases of The Use of Warships in the Transfers of Deceased Diplomats of the Turkish Republic : The Transfers of the Deceased Soviet ambassador, Vasıf Çınar and United States Ambassador Munir Ertegun

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.861
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Gökçe Yoğurtçu / Yunus Emre Gürbüz
11- Gorbachev through the Eyes of the Kyrgyz People: A Study of Oral History

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.862
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Halil Sözlü
12- An Ottoman Castle in Mersin: Liman (Ak) Castle

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.863
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Mehmet Dağlar
13- Sayyids in the Safavid Bureaucratic Structure (1524-1629)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.864
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Mehmet Korkmaz
14- Modern Archiving in the Ottoman Empire: An Instruction of the Navy Ministry on Storage of Archives and Making it Ready for Access

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.865
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Hakan Gökpınar
15- From Mudros To San-Remo, Anadolu Turkısh Resıstance In The Austrıan Press The Role Of Panıslamısm And Bolshevısm

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.866
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Hakan Tan
16- A Study On The Reform of Prisons In The Ottoman Empire: The Prison of Çarşamba

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.867
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Mehmet Aydın
17- Corruption Discussions in The Combat Environment: Black Pence Incident

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.868
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Merve Suna Özel Özcan / Hatice Çelik
18- Tarihsel Süreçte Türk-Amerikan İlişkilerinin Analizi

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.869
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Mesut Karakulak
19- Looking at the War of 93 through A Steamship: Mersin Steamship Case and the Ottoman War Prisoners in Russia

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.870
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Muhammed Fazıl Himmetoğlu
20- A New Evaluation on The Use And Distribution of Hemp Plant in Ancient Age

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.871
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Murat Alanoğlu
21- Varto in The Middle of The 17th Century (Settlement, Population, Taxes and Tribes)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.872
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Murat Kocaaslan
22- Edirne Yeni Saray’ın Arz Odası ve Kum Kasrı’nın 1171/1757-58 Yılı Onarımları

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.873
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Murat Serdar
23- A Story of Life From Doctorship To Papacy in The Medieval Europe (Peter from Spain 1210- 1277)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.874
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Murat Tural
24- The Spread of Christianity in the Reign of Charlemagne: Double-Edged Sword or Preaching?

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.875
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Onur Çapar
25- French Railway Investments in The Period of The Sultan Abdulhamid II.

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.876
  Abstract   Detail
Resul Köse
26- Providing Safety and Security Activities in the Eastern Provinces in the First Ten Years of the Republic

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.877
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İsmet Türkmen
27- A Methodological Approach on Village Institutes Research

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.879
  Abstract   Detail
Sinan Yüksel
28- II. Ekaterina's Crimean Travel (1787)

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.880
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Seyfettin Kaya
29- The Crusader Attacks of Renaud de Châtillon in The Red Sea and His Attempt to Steal Prophet Mohammad's Body

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.878
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Cumhur Ersin Adıgüzel
30- Magnificent Caliphate City of al-Andalus: Madīna Azahara

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2020.855
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