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Ethics Committee Approval

"Ethics Committee Approval" will be requested from the candidate manuscripts sent to our journal. In addition, manuscripts that do not include information about the permission (board name, date and number) in the Ethics Committee Approval in the method section of the article and also on the first/last page of the article will not be evaluated. Therefore, related documents and information will be requested from all works sent or to be sent to our journal

For the manuscripts sent to our journal before 2020, the authors will be asked for "Ethics Committee Approval" information and documents after the evaluation process of the manuscript the decision made as "can be published". The manuscripts that submitted before 2020 and without the approval of the Ethics Committee, must sent a confirmation document signed by all authors to the journal secreteriat if the decision that manuscript can be published. The confirmation document must be written as "In the written process of the study entitled XXXXX; scientific, ethical and citiation rules were followed; I undertake that no falsification has been made on the collected data; The Journal of History Studies Editors and the Journal has no responsibility for all ethical violations to be encountered; all responsibility belongs to the authors and that this study has not been sent to any other academic journal for evaluation. The declaration text will be published on the last page of the study accepted for publication and it will be stated that it.


The Ethical Rules within the scope of TR Index have been detailed since 2020, and assuming that permissions have been obtained for "studies requiring ethics committee permission" in the field of research, the issue of "including information about the permission in the article" has been added to the criteria of journals within the scope of TR Index.

Detailed information on the subject is given below:

QUESTION 1: Is ethics committee permission required for all articles?

No, ethics committee approval is not. In the criteria, it is stated as articles that "require Ethics Committee Permission".
The researches that require Ethics Committee permission are as follows.

(1) All kinds of research conducted with qualitative or quantitative approaches that require data collection from participants using survey, interview, focus group study, observation, experiment, interview techniques,
(2) The use of humans and animals (including materials/data) for experimental or other scientific purposes,

(3) Clinical trials on humans,

(4) Research on animals,

(5) Retrospective studies in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law,


(6) Stating that the "informed consent form" has been obtained in case presentations (case analysis),
(7) Obtaining and indicating permission from the owners for the use of scales, questionnaires and photographs belonging to others,
(8) Indication of compliance with copyright regulations for the intellectual and artistic works used

QUESTION 2: Should retrospective Ethics Committee Permission be obtained for publications produced from studies and theses completed in previous years?

Before 2020, retrospective ethics committee permission is not required for articles that used research data, produced from master's / doctoral studies (must be specified in the article), applied for publication to the journal in the previous year, accepted but not yet published.

QUESTION 3: Are these rules of TR Index restricting publications outside universities?
No, it is not. Non-university researchers can also apply to the Ethics Committees in their regions.


Authors who will produce publications that fall within this scope and submit them to History Studies must both upload this permission or informed consent form to the system during the application and indicate it in the articles.

The following is an example of how to indicate this practice in the article and this information should be included at the end of the article before the bibliography.

Ethics Committee Approval: Ethics committee approval for this study ........ University ........... Faculty Ethics Committee. The Name of the Board, Date of Evaluation and Ethical Permission Number of the Ethics Approval Document should be indicated here. This information should also be included in the method section in the main text.

Informed Consent: Informed consent was obtained from the participants