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Samsun, June-2021

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Year : 2021   Volume : 13  Issue : 3
Ebubekir Ayan
1- The First Development Bank of Turkey: Critical Analysis of the Industry and Mines Bank of Turkey

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2021.1010
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Cihat Aydoğmuşoğlu
2- Derbend City According to Medieval Islamic Geographers

DOI Number: 10.9737/hist.2021.1011
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Eray Bayramol
3- Black Sea Raid and the End of Turkish-Russian Relations on 29 October 1914 in the Documents of The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

DOI Number:10.9737/hist.2021.1012
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Mehmet Beşirli
4- A Typical Example of Bureaucratic Problems in the Last Period of the Ottoman Empire: The Confusion of Moses Levi's Return to Jaffa from Berlin (1905-1912)

DOI Number:10.9737/hist.2021.1013
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Onuralp Doğan Çakır
5- Türkiye- Belarus İlişkileri Tarihi ve Rusya Faktörü

DOI Number:10.9737/hist.2021.1014
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V. Türkan Doğruöz, Nesrin Akkor
6- Reflections of Adana Talks on the Turkish Press

DOI Number:10.9737/hist.2021.1015
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Ersin Gürdamar
7- The Effects of Cotton Policies Conducted in the Atatürk Period on Weaving Industry and Development 1923-1938

DOI Number:10.9737/hist.2021.1016
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Meryem Kaçan Erdoğan
8- Thessaloniki Inns and Residents in the Ottoman Period

DOI Number:10.9737/hist.2021.1017
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İsrafil Karataş
9- Nihat Erim’s Opposition to Some Activity of The Democratic Party Government (1950-1954)

DOI Number:10.9737/hist.2021.1018
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Bayram Arif Köse
10- Epidemic Diseases in the Islamic Geography: The Umayyad Period

DOI Number:10.9737/hist.2021.1019
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Özkan Özer Keskin
11- Foundation Services of Hadji Ibrahim Pasha

DOI Number:10.9737/hist.2021.1020
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Sevilay Özer - Ramazan Baş
12- Sedat Simavi's Role in National Becoming a case for Cyprus to Turkey

DOI Number:10.9737/hist.2021.1021
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Yasin Taş
13- The Kidnapping of a Girl in the Triangle of Love, Custom and Conversion in the Rumkale District During the Tanzimat Period

DOI Number:10.9737/hist.2021.1022
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Osman Taşkın - Ersin Kırca
14- Records of Pargali Ibrahim Pasha's Confiscated Estate and Assets

DOI Number:10.9737/hist.2021.1023
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Kamelya Tekne
15- A Periodicals Representing the Contemporary Identity of The Polish Tatars: Życie Tatarskie (Tatar Life)

DOI Number:10.9737/hist.2021.1024
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